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Significance of human resource Management

Significance of human resource Management Human resource management are the most important productive assets of an organization you know that. Capital and physical resources, by themselves, cannot improve efficiency. It is through the combined and concreted efforts of people that monetary or material resources are harnessed to achieve organizational goals. These efforts, attitudes

functions of hrm

functions of hrm ( human resource management ) The functions of hrm refer to tasks performed is an organization to provide for and coordinate human resources. It's functions are broadly classified into three categories.. 1.Managerial Functions. 2.Operative Functions. 3.Emerging Functions. 1.Managerial Functions. Managerial functions of hrm is basically concerned with the process of allocating an organization's input

Human resource management

Human resource management Introduction Human resource management is important part of the management because dealing with people is toughest job within the organization. Human resource management is concerned with the human beings within the organization. The management of men is very important & challenging job because of the dynamic in nature of people. Human